Departure from Miami to Cairo. International Flight Included.


Day 2. 19 NOVEMBER TUESDAY / CAIRO (breakfast)

As soon as you land at the Cairo International Airport, one of our Spanish-speaking representatives will help you carry out all the relevant procedures in the area of ​​immigration and visas, as well as in customs control. Once completed, you will be transferred to the hotel in a heated vehicle so you can rest.

Day 3. 20 NOVEMBER WEDNESDAY / CAIRO-ASWAN (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Start the day with a tasty breakfast full of local products in the hotel restaurant. Then a guide will accompany you to the Cairo airport to catch a domestic flight to Aswan. Once there, you will go by boat to the small island of Philae. In this island, the temple is erected in honor of the goddess Isis that Ptolemy II ordered to be built, and there is also a granite quarry with the unfinished obelisk that pretended to be the largest in the world until, unfortunately, it cracked. Later you can check the contrast between antiquity and modernity with the visit to the famous dam of Aswan, a gigantic work of hydraulic engineering that began the British Empire during the occupation of the country and that ended the Egyptians in the middle of last century.

Later, he will get on board the motorboat, where he will leave his luggage and eat. In the afternoon, the visit will give way to a felucca ride. From these typical sailboats of the area will cross the waters of the Nile and admire the landscape. On this route, the island of Elephantine, one of the oldest ivory shopping centers, and Kitchener Island, famous for its beautiful botanical garden, stand out. And it will not go away without appreciating the panoramic view of the Agha Khan Mausoleum, a simple glance will serve to understand why the Supreme Chief Ishmaelite chose this place for his eternal rest. In the evening, you will have dinner on the motorboat to rest on board.

Day 4. 21 NOVEMBER THURSDAY / ASWAN-KOM OMBO-EDFU (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

The boat route to Kom Ombo will start at dawn, but when you wake up you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. An excursion to the temple that was dedicated to Haroeris, the hawk god, and to Sobek, the crocodile god, awaits him there. Afterwards there will be a brief visit to the chapel of Hathor, an annexed construction where you will find an exhibition of mummified crocodiles in good condition that will help you to better understand the culture of Ancient Egypt.

You will return to the motorboat to eat and sail to Edfu. To continue in good humor, you will board a chaise that will take you to the temple of worship of the god Horus that Ptolemy ordered built. This sanctuary represents the best-preserved Egyptian temple, but remained hidden under the sand for several centuries until the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette discovered it in the mid-nineteenth century.

In the evening a replenishing dinner awaits you to later enjoy the sunset or the evening of Esna from the stern or from your cabin and on the way to Luxor.

Day 5. 22 NOVEMBER FRIDAY / ESNA-LUXOR (breakfast)

Start the day with a tasty breakfast on the boat and you will arrive in Luxor. You will have the morning free to do some sightseeing, return to the motorboat to eat local products on the boat and, later, you will delve into the wonders that this city offers you. The temples of Luxor and Karnak stand out for their majesty; among them there is a walk of about 45 minutes surrounded by sphinxes and where you will discover numerous anecdotes and stories of the pharaohs who played an essential role in its construction. After this exciting day, you will return to the motorboat to have dinner and rest in your cabin.


The next day you can start with energy after having a delicious breakfast before disembarking. Cross to the other side of the Nile to visit the famous Necropolis of Thebes, one of the most important symbols of this millenarian civilization. In this complex you can find a real archaeological treasure that constitutes one of the main wonders of Egypt: the Valley of the Kings, which ordered to build the pharaohs of the XVIII, XIX and XX dynasties and that houses the pharaonic tombs of Tutankhamun or Ramses IV . The visit will continue in the Valley of the Artisans, a tribute to those people who built the tombs of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings mentioned above. Afterwards, you can visit the funerary temple of Ramses III, now known as the temple of Medinet Habu, which stands out for the use of polychromy and an exemplary architecture of the New Kingdom. The visit will give way to an amazing panoramic view of the complex of Deir el-Bahari, where the famous funerary temple of Queen Hatchepsut stands out. Later, you will admire the remains of the Temple of Amenophis III, an enclosure that will welcome you with the Colossi of Memnon, two gigantic twin statues and stone seats that still survive over the centuries. Both represent Amenhotep III whose eyes look towards the East: where the Nile is and the Sun is born. And around it, there are two smaller figures that symbolize his wife and mother. In the afternoon you will be transferred to the airport to go to Cairo, where a representative will pick you up to take you to your hotel.

Day 7.24 NOVEMBER SUNDAY / CAIRO-ALEJANDRIA breakfast, lunch)

Start the day at the hotel restaurant with a tasty breakfast based on local products. Later, you will board a heated coach that will take you to Alexandria. This is the second largest city in Egypt, a place full of history that is known by the nickname of “the Pearl of the Mediterranean.” In Alexandria, you will visit Quatbay Castle, a 15th century fortress located in the port, which formerly housed the famous Alexandria Lighthouse, whose ruins are still preserved. You will also have the opportunity to visit the catacombs of Kom el Shogafa, an important archaeological site from the 1st century. It consists of three underground levels where more than 300 mummies are sheltered, the most usual funerary divinities and various Greco-Roman motifs.

You will eat in a restaurant specialized in fish to taste the most typical products of Egyptian cuisine. After recharging your batteries, you will head to the ruins of the temple of Serapeo, from which Pompey’s column survives. Several historians agree that this important Roman general was buried in this place after losing his life in a battle. The visit continues in the Royal Gardens of Montazah, an imposing palace located on top of a hill that offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Later he will move to the hotel to rest.

Day 8. 25 NOVEMBER MONDAY / ALEXANDRIA (breakfast, lunch)

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then visit the Library Alejandria. The current building is a commemorative construction of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed several centuries ago after representing the most important center of studies and scholarship of Antiquity. Afterwards, he will make a stop to eat at a typical Alexandria restaurant before returning to the hotel. accommodation.



Breakfast at the hotel restaurant and enjoy the wonderful city and transfer to Cairo. Accommodation.


Day 10. 27 NOVEMBER WEDNESDAY / CAIRO (breakfast, lunch)

After recharging your batteries with a breakfast and typical products of Egypt, you will visit the three Pyramids of Gizeh, where is the only one of the Seven Wonders that belongs to the Ancient World: the Great Pyramid of Cheops. This famous monument of 230 meters high is characterized by the huge funerary complex with a giant sphinx that presides over the head of King Khafre with a lion’s body. From the esplanade of the 3 Pyramids, we will have the opportunity to discover the interior of the Khafre Pyramids or Menus.

Lunch and then visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, where Tutankhamun’s treasure stands out among numerous collections of objects of the time with an incalculable cultural value. The entrance to this site will provide you with a unique opportunity to know the operation of this civilization with great detail.

Further on you will head to the historic Cairo area, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site. This area was founded in the 10th century as a royal site for the caliphs, therefore it is full of mosques and other Islamic buildings of great historical importance. Here you will visit the Citadel of Saladino, a fortress where the imposing mosque of Mohamed Ali stands out, as well as several museums and gardens that hide within its walls. Later he will be transferred back to the hotel.


Day 11. 28 NOVEMBER THURSDAY / CAIRO (breakfast)

Breakfast at the hotel before leaving for Cairo International Airport in an air-conditioned vehicle. Take the trip to see a last view of this beautiful city that brims with history in each of its corners. For your convenience, a Spanish speaking representative will accompany you at all times to assist you in any situation that may arise.

The trip includes

  • Air ticket Miami / Cairo / Miami
  • Transfer Airport-Hotel Airport
  • Air ticket to Cairo / Aswan-Lxr / Cairo, and airport-hotel-airport transfers
  • Coach tour with a Spanish speaking guide
  • Basic travel insurance
  • 09 nights of accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • 02 lunches in Alejandria
  • A day of visits in Cairo to the Egyptian Museum Piramides and Citadel with lunch included
  • Full board on the cruise
  • 4 nights in Cairo, 3 nights of cruise, 2 nights in Alexandria
  • Guide in Spanish during all visits.
  • Luggage carriers in airports and hotels.
  • Tips for guides, crew of motovanes and drivers.







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